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Ajax Magnethermic - промышленная автоматика

Ajax Magnethermic

Founded in 1916, Ajax Magnethermic pioneered most of the technology for induction melting systems now in use throughout most of the world. Its list of firsts is long and impressive and includes the largest induction melting furnace ever built and the largest induction heating installation in the world, 210 MW. Relying heavily on research and development, Ajax Magnethermic has introduced equipment to the industry by which all others are measured. From simple melt and pour systems to sophisticated computer controlled melt shops, Ajax's line of 8equipment covers induction melting equipment of all sizes and frequencies with capacities up to 1,500 tons.

Компания Ajax Magnethermic выпускает следующую продукцию: 

  • печи
  • нагревательное оборудование
  • блоки питания

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