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AGATHON, founded in 1918 in Solothurn_Switzerland by Leo Pfluger, successfully manufactures innovative machine tools and highly precise press-tool standards. At the beginning, AGATHON was strongly involved with the clock and watch industry. It didn’t take long for the company to extend its expertise to other application fields. Not long after, AGATHON was exporting its products all over the world. Throughout the second generation, under management of Hugo Pfluger, the product mix expanded considerably. Continuous engagement in design and product development made it possible for AGATHON to secure its successful position in the world market of precision grinding, and the manufacture of die components for metal forming. Today, AGATHON is a self-reliant, customer-orientated family business that is being managed by the third generation...Dr. Walter Pfluger and Jurg A. Pfluger.

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